Friday, October 26, 2012


Who controls the media?

Why do we hear the same 10 songs on the radio every hour on the hour? Why are the same celebrities in the news all the damn time? Why do we only get "news" from only 3 different outlets? (CNN, FOX,NBC)

This was a little something that has been on my mind lately;so I decided to do a little research. What I found out was shocking to me.

6 major corporations own and control the WORLDS media information. 

In 1983 50 companies controlled the WORLDS media information.

Who are these companies?

2.News Corp
5.Time Warner

6 companies own and control the information that BILLIONS of people hear, see and believe everyday.

6 companies influence the daily lives of BILLIONS of people.

They determine what we spend our money on..Which politicians we vote for..which laws we pass..what we eat..what we drink..where we go on vacation...who we consider sexy...what is the new hotness in fashion; everything we do is controlled by 6 companies.

6 companies!

We are being brainwashed people. Our entire lives are being scripted by a handful of people that we will never meet. People that will never come to our houses for dinner..people that we will never see at our kids PTA meetings..never see at family reunions..never see..never.

So this is why we hear the same damn 10 songs on the radio every hour on the hour.
This is why the lies about this Presidential race keep getting spread.
This is why this country is still so divided when it comes to race.

People are like sheep and we are being corralled by 6 Shepard's.


Reggie said...

Remember that Digital Underground song......All around the world the same song?!?

Dirty Red said...

Yeah Reggie that song was ahead of it's time.

No Labels said...