Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dude that shit is Gay

On my way to work this morning I listened to a conversation on the radio that was about male porn stars that call themselves "Gay for Pay".

This is supposedly what the majority of male Gay porn stars call themselves. They don't think they are Gay..they are just playing a "role".
In the porn world, it seems that Gay porn pays better than straight porn, so a lot of the dudes that do porn switch hit so that they can get their paper up.

I really don't care how a man makes his money. Just so long as no one is getting hurt, there are no children involved and the elderly are not mistreated, then do what you have to do to support your family.

But this "Gay for pay" shit is kinda ass backwards to me.(no pun intended)

I just do not understand how a man can get aroused sexually by another man and then go home to his wife and kids like this is what's hot in the streets. In my opinion, if a man gets sexually aroused by a man and by getting aroused he is able to have an orgasm...then that pretty much says Gay to me.

This mess in the porn business...I don't get it. I assumed that Gay porn meant Gay men were doing it. But I guess I was wrong.
These are actors just playing a role....According to them They are acting. I don't get it..but I understand it.

 I guess.

I guess it is no different than a "normal" actor playing a pirate or a murderer...It doesn't define who you are as a person, it's just a job.To them... It's a role that pays money. And if it don't make don't make sense. To them...

However there are some things that I can never see myself doing to make money .

Bending over in front of a man;with the forgone conclusion that I'm about to get a hard dick entered all up in my nether regions or letting a man bend over in front of me with the forgone conclusion I am about to stick hard dick all up in his nether regions or getting on my knees with a dick in my face; that is about to make entry into my open and waiting mouth or looking down at a man while my dick is in his face knowing that  I'm bout to see if I can make him choke; is pretty much some of the things I will say Ohh Hell to all the nawls too. Money be damned.

But if you are a person that gets pleasure from any of that..I ain't mad at cha...Do you..Just because I can't see it in my life, that doesn't mean it shouldn't be in yours.

I have never watched a Gay porn video and I have no desire to, but in this world there is a market for it. I ain't mad at the actors in these movies since what they are doing is technically legal; and shit that they like to do.

I just couldn't see myself doing it. And I would have to give the side-eye to any man that says they only do it for the money.

If a dick gets hard...if a dick busts a nut...then in my opinion that says there is a whole lot of pleasure in it. So yeah the money might be better....but...  I mean if that is the case...I'm pretty sure that the money is even better if a man could fuck a donkey. If  your dick gets hard for a mans ass for a few extra bucks... and have an orgasm while doing it..because everyone that has ever watched a porn video knows that the "money shot" is the whole purpose of the video...then it makes sense that it would get hard for an asses ass if a little bit more cash was involved.

If I knew I needed a money incentive in order to have sex with a woman...that I got no pleasure from it what so ever... If money made me cum...Then why bother with sex at all? There are a hundred and one easier ways to make money.

Hell sex is hard work...

I'm just saying....


Reggie said...

" guess it is no different than a "normal" actor playing a pirate or a murderer...It doesn't define who you are as a person, it's just a job.To them... It's a role that pays money. And if it don't make don't make sense. To them..."

....well, I think it's a little different than that my brother. If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a's not a chicken or a turkey. It is what it is.

Dirty Red said...

I agree Reggie.
Gay is gay is Gay. There is no other way to put it.

D. McAuliffe said...

I know you're making a point in this article but I can't stop laughing at how funny this is.

Blogger said...

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