Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's about Race stupid!!!

Affirmative and Action.

The two most polarizing words in this great country of ours.

Do we still need it?
Is it racist?
Can White People use it?
Why was it started in the first place?
Is it "reverse" discrimination?

These are all questions that are asked daily about this program.

Me personally....I don't like it.

I understand it.

If this program was not started back in the 70's; I would not have my job now. I would not have gotten where I am in the Military and damn near every Black person I know that is successful would not have been given an opportunity to showcase their skills.

I mean it is what it is.

This country was founded by White men for White men. They did not anticipate all these other ethnicity's coming here and calling this place that Columbus "found" home.

The founding fathers intended this place to be the Anti-Britain. I think that is why Americans drive on the right and British on the left. This place was designed to be as different from our brothers and sisters across the pond as humanly possible.

So again.. The  "minorities" that call themselves "American" had to adapt who they were to fit into the founding fathers blueprint.

This country was not made for us.

So I understand why we needed Affirmative Action. I understand why in some cases we still need Affirmative Action.

But again... I don't like it.

I do not think that an unqualified person should be given consideration over someone that is qualified simply because a quota has to be met to keep the government off your back.

The person with the most experience should be given the job, whatever it is, hands down. I would not feel right taking a job if I knew that I did not deserve it. I would not want to live in a place where I knew the only reason I got the apartment/house was because they had to have a certain amount of Black men living in the area. I think that basing a decision on race and ethnicity is wrong ass wrong.

But then again I think that NOT giving someone qualified a chance just because of race and ethnicity is equally as wrong.

I understand that Affirmative Action was started to give minorities a fair was started to give WHITE WOMEN a fair chance....However, I think that it needs to be revamped a little.

Not giving a qualified White dude a job simply because you already have met your 95% "white" quota; is just as fucked up as giving an unqualified Black dude a job just because you need a little color in your company photo.

Do we still need Affirmative Action?
Should it be retooled to fit the current times?
Is this really a "post racial" Country?
Uhhhh.. Hell no.

Everything in this bitch is about race.

If some "leaders" in this "post racial" society of ours had their way...Every White man's first name would be "Massa",I would be working in the fields, eating  leftover pig scraps and sleeping on a dirt floor out behind the big house.

So yeah... If the government did not make some people include minorities...then they would not include minorities...

In nothing.


Reggie said...

I'm like you, I don't like it either. But I understand why WHITE MEN decided that it was a good idea for our country.

Vargr said...

Let us call a spade a spade shall we?

There is no such thing as "affirmative action", call it by what it truly is: anti-white (and in some cases anti-eastern asian), anti-male discrimination.

This kind of discrimination is disgusting, immoral and unethical because it violates the right to free association via use of force and coercion. You know, like the Jim Crow laws did.

If any of us starts a business who we hire or who we accept as clients is none of the Government's business.

It also prevents the most qualified from obtaining certain jobs and educational opportunities, degrading the quality of the workforce and the intellectual fabric of the country considerably in the long run...this in an insanely competitive world.

Do we still need Affirmative Action?
No. And it was never needed, and there is no place for such a thing in a free society.

Should it be retooled to fit the current times?
No. It should be completely abolished.

Is this really a "post racial" Country?
There has never been, there is not, and there will never be such a thing as a "post racial" country. Race and country are part and parcel of the same thing. This is a false issue and just another load of cultural marxist bull.
North America is multi-cultural, multi-racial empire, and like all of those before it well on the way to collapse or fragmentation.

Is it racist?
No, it is anti-white.
By definition all racism is perpetrated by whites against non-whites, and white people can never be victims of racism.
Hey, I didn't come up with this "racism" concept people like to use so much without understanding hwta it is. The word as is it used was invented by the jewish bolshevic Leon Trotsky (born Lev Davidovich Bronshtein) and his cultural marxist buddies at the Frankfurt School did, so take it up with them.

Can White People use it?
White people with a vagina and white people with a penis who really, really like other people with a penis can; under certain circumstances.
As with most things in life, there is a pecking order: Dark-skinned trumps light-skinned, female trumps male, atheist trumps christian, muslim trumps atheist AND christian, gay trumps hetero, and jew trumps everyone else.

Why was it started in the first place?
For a variety of reasons. Some of the most prominent include aiding the destruction of Western civilization, aiding the dissolution of the traditional nuclear family, aiding the ongoing process of white genocide and bribing the non-white masses so they would vote for a certain political group ad infinitum.

Is it "reverse" discrimination?
No. It is simply blatantly anti-white. Nothing "reverse" about it, whatever that means.

Dirty Red said...

Once again we agree... Great minds huh?

There is not enough space here for me to comment on this bullshit...Anti-white? Seriously?
My next post is going to be dedicated to you.