Friday, October 5, 2012

Politics is a game of chess.. Not checkers

I watched the debates last night and I tried my best to understand just what the fuck the President was doing.

I mean he had Mittens on the ropes every since the conventions. But he gave him room to breath last night and for a while I did not understand why.

Did his people not prepare him well?
Was he scared?
Was his mind on his anniversary?
Was another big raid going on somewhere in one of the "Axis of Evils"?

I went to sleep wondering....
Well this morning it hit me... At least this is what I think anyway.

See we should all know by now that our Prez is a master polictrickster. And from what I know about good politricksters is that nothing just happens. Now shit always goes wrong with amateurs....i.e..Mittens...Rick on and so forth; but with GOOD polictricksters...Everything is scripted and planned.

Here is my theory...

1. Big O was winning in damn near every state except the ones in the deep south and some of the ones in the  Midwest.  You know the ones with all the White folks that Mittens said were moochers; (but in their minds he was not talking to them.) Every poll had the Prez up by 5/6 points. Now this was a problem for him because people get complacent. And if the general consensus is that he is winning...then voter turn out will be low because people will think that since he is winning already...why should they vote. The election is is a done deal..The fat lady is singing. So the game had to be shaken up a little. Now since Obama handed Mittens dumb ass a victory...The polls will shift. Watch... Romney will either be winning some of those polls by Monday or he will be neck and neck with Obama. Either case, Obama supporters will wake up and realize that Big O might just lose this thing and voter turn out will be high.

2. Romney has nothing else to talk about now. He has laid all his cards on the table. Everyone knows his position now. He cannot flip/flop, he cannot backtrack. He has to stick by everything he said. This was no private fund raiser.. This was broadcast to the world. So now all Obama has to do is keep reminding the people about all the lies they heard. In my opinion Romney sacrificed his queen. He has no more moves.

3.And finally since Romney found his mojo during the debates; he will start to get over confident and he will fuck up...Again...

If I'm right, then this was a brilliant move by the President. He learned a lot from Sweet Dick Bill.

But if I'm wrong and the President just didn't have his head in the game...Then he better start taking his shit out of storage; because he won't be in the Big house for too much longer.

I'm just saying....


Chatterbox said...

Sweet Dick Bill * love *

... Big O, that reminds me of the Lawsons commercial

Your theory... I am hoping you are right on with this one, because I am nervous. I have not seen our president off of his game like he appeared in this debate.

As usual I could not agree with you more, Politics IS a game of chess.

Robin Miller said...

No theory needed. Both are simply pawns.

daij said...

I pray you are right! The prez is a great strategist.

healthysouls said...

Check out what Al Gore is suggesting: the Denver altitude is what effected Obama's performance...

Reggie said...

Clearly he left his A game at home. What he needs to do is to stop trying to be a fucking professor and just go ahead and lead. He had numerous opportunities to throw the bullshit flag on Mitt.

Mitt was so full of shit that his eyes should have been know, like mine.

Dirty Red said...

I am hoping I am right also. If you can go by the polls, my theory is holding up.. The race has gotten tighter or either Mittens has secured a small lead. But we will see. I honestly think Obama is going to lose. I think that he has woken up too many hateful and small minded white people that thought he had no chance of winning in the first place. And the WHite folks that voted for him the first time are not going to do it again. They got thier "fix" the first go around. But we will see. Hell....I didn't think he would win back in 08....

I kinda sorta agree.. Kinda sorta.

Lets hope so.

Al Gore is an idiot. Didn't he invent these here internets? Yeah...That Al Gore.

What he needs to do is let the Kenyan Warrior out and stop trying to appease the majority so he won't look like the feared "Hostile" Black man. Let those African nuts hang!!