Monday, November 12, 2012

Not all Republicans are idiots..But most idiots are Republicans

I am so glad that this damn Presidential election is over.

I will never have to listen to Mittens lie again. Ever. Again. Like ever.
But there is something that has been bothering me about this whole damn thing.

10 of the states with the highest educational scores backed the President while the 10 states with the lowest educational scores backed Romney.

What does this say about our country?

What is it about being ignorant that attracts Republicans? Or maybe the question is; are Democrats the party that really votes on the issues?

What role does education play in modern politics? And what exactly were the Republicans voting for?
I mean I have my suspicions...and they all include skin color... but really?

All the Karl Roves and Newt Gingrich's and Donald Trump's and Rush Limbaugh's in this country cannot be this damn stupid. I mean they are all Millionaires and Billionaires for Christ sakes.. A dumb person cannot make and keep a  million dollars..(cue in any former Professional Athlete here...) I know they are all liars and hypocrites and racists..but are they really dumb?

I live in the South...(Texas).. And there are some pretty good schools down here. There are some pretty smart people down here. So what is it that they don't  see in the Republican Party that the 53% of the rest of the country that voted for the President does see?

Again....What is it about the Republican party that attracts the stereotypical racist, trailer-park, inbred, snaggle-toothed, mullet wearing, catfish noodling, meth addicted, rebel flag loving dummies in this country?

This is an open thread posting for all  my loyal readers...Please feel free to enlighten me.. And if there are any Republicans that read my Lil ole blog...I would appreciate it if you would put aside your ignorance for a moment and tell me in your own words just what the fuck it is that keeps you voting Republican..

Inquiring minds want to know....

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Reason #20000002 I cannot stand religion

Creflo Dollar the pastor of one of the biggest churches in the country, has asked his congregation to give damn near $250,000 to the family of the dude that was shot and killed at his church.

Now helping out the man's family is what the church should be doing, but when the Pastor of the church lives in  MULTIMILLION DOLLAR mansion which has solid gold fixtures in the master bathroom, has his own Private Jet and drives a Rolls Royce to Sunday Service; then in my opinion $250,000 should be a drop in the bucket to him.

Now I admit that I don't know how much of his own money he is going to throw in the pot. But for a multimillionaire to ask people that work for a living to come off that kind of scratch; people who probably have to work 6 or 7 years to make $250,000; people who probably are living from check to check..this is that bullshit son.

This man can donate the whole kit and caboodle his damn self.

Hell, he will get that money back in 3 months from the offerings that his followers dole out every Sunday.

I understand that the gesture is a good one, but leaders lead from the front, not the rear.

This dude should be the first one to write out a check. He should tell his congregation that he will put up the whole amount and then if members can donate what they can, then donate. But for this dude to say outright "I want $250,000 from y'all as soon as possible"?


And I bet he will have the money before the week is out.

While Sister Johnson and Brother Williams lights are going to be cut off. And Sister Bernice has to go the to food bank to feed her 3 kids, after she gets off from her 2nd job of the day.

Black Folks and thier Preachers. Hell, being a preacher in a Black Church has got to feel like being the King of England.

This is that straight baby back bullshit.