Monday, November 12, 2012

Not all Republicans are idiots..But most idiots are Republicans

I am so glad that this damn Presidential election is over.

I will never have to listen to Mittens lie again. Ever. Again. Like ever.
But there is something that has been bothering me about this whole damn thing.

10 of the states with the highest educational scores backed the President while the 10 states with the lowest educational scores backed Romney.

What does this say about our country?

What is it about being ignorant that attracts Republicans? Or maybe the question is; are Democrats the party that really votes on the issues?

What role does education play in modern politics? And what exactly were the Republicans voting for?
I mean I have my suspicions...and they all include skin color... but really?

All the Karl Roves and Newt Gingrich's and Donald Trump's and Rush Limbaugh's in this country cannot be this damn stupid. I mean they are all Millionaires and Billionaires for Christ sakes.. A dumb person cannot make and keep a  million dollars..(cue in any former Professional Athlete here...) I know they are all liars and hypocrites and racists..but are they really dumb?

I live in the South...(Texas).. And there are some pretty good schools down here. There are some pretty smart people down here. So what is it that they don't  see in the Republican Party that the 53% of the rest of the country that voted for the President does see?

Again....What is it about the Republican party that attracts the stereotypical racist, trailer-park, inbred, snaggle-toothed, mullet wearing, catfish noodling, meth addicted, rebel flag loving dummies in this country?

This is an open thread posting for all  my loyal readers...Please feel free to enlighten me.. And if there are any Republicans that read my Lil ole blog...I would appreciate it if you would put aside your ignorance for a moment and tell me in your own words just what the fuck it is that keeps you voting Republican..

Inquiring minds want to know....


Vargr said...

i too am glad the election is finally over. Congratulations on the victory, as I assume most people on this blog are his supporters.

And for the record, I too am glad Barack Obama won; although for reasons many would probably not agree with.

Now, the "educational divide" between States and voting trends does not really mean anything. You would have to factor in and do a triage of a lot more data, from population types and numbers, to the number of learning institutions in each state, whether the State is rich or poor and even the original state of each graduate. After all, not everyone that gets a degree in Maaryland comes from Maryland.

"Best Educated States" based on a measure of the % of the residing population over 25 with a degree is a fallacy and not worth a damn as a scientific measure. For example, how many smart people from West Virginia and Mississippi have left, studied in Massachussets and now live and are registered there? how does this factor in in determining that Mass is "smarter" than those other states?

Notice how Nevada ranks among the "dumb states" but went for Obama due to "recently naturalized Hispanics who can barely speak English" and are probably semi-illiterate too. Can these people really be categorized as "smart"?

I would say most Republicans are voting pretty much like most everyone else: on grounds of tribalism. Sadly, there only two political tribes to choose from and the leaders of each aren't worth a bucket of spit. So it usually comes does for voting on the guy who "is more like you" than the other guy in term of race, social class, religion, etc.

Curiously, the least politically tribal population in the USA are white people. Despite the white voter stereotype Mr. Blackman mentioned, when compared to other populations white folks do not vote in a grand block are more evenenly divided between Reps and Dems than anyone else.

In fact, in this presidential election a record number of whites voted one. Thus showing their complete lack of faith in the system. White or Black president, Rep or Dep, didn't matter to them.

Yes, Dems are the party that really votes on issues compared to Reps. They have a host of varied interest groups (not white people on account of being white though) with specific goals to which they promise more free, tangible stuff, from amnesties to Obamaphones. Reps have two big interest group they really actively strive for, the "fat cats" (who are of all races or genders) and Israel and it lovers. They wink and nod at Christians and Gun Owners but that's about it.

Of course skin color was a factor in much of the white voting for Romney, the exact same way it was a factor in much black, brown and yellow voting for Obama. Again: tribalism.

I never spoke with one, but I would wager the "stereotypical racist, trailer-park, inbred, snaggle-toothed, mullet wearing, catfish noodling, meth addicted, rebel flag loving dummy" in the US that votes Republican, does so because he believes that political tribe does not hate him as much as the Democrat tribe.

The ones that stayed home this election apparently believe both tribes hate them just enough not to make a difference.

Dawna said...

I live in the UK , and not America, but what I feel is the those of us who are less educated, tend to be easily led, or easily fooled by those who are. Often they may know they are uneducated and deep down just don't trust their own judgement or ability to really make an informed choice.. much easier to allow someone else to do the thinking.. than try it ones self. Ignorance can also breed anger, and feed racist, sexist attitudes etc.. yet not always. Here is the UK the conservative party in many ways is similar to the republican party. I have noticed that the poorer members of the community who vote conservative, often do so as an aspirational vote.. in that they aspire to be viewed as more intelligent than they are, and feel that be one way of showing some kind of... 'class'.
Could be wrong.. it's just a thought.

Reggie said...

Interesting post...........

You forgot one adjective though......unwashed. The unwashed masses seem to favor Republicans by a wide margin in this country.

I believe that the talking heads on talk radio intentionally try to appeal to the uneducated, unwashed types; firing them up about their circumstances and blaming all of that on entitlements that many of them take advantage of themselves. One would think that most of the food stamp and welfare recipients in this country weren't Caucasian from the way the talking heads on talk radio carry on. It's all the fault of the brown people....well, given the population shift, those politics just don't work anymore. But I've never understood how poor white trash in their millions lines up early to vote regularly for policies that don't favor them. Hell I've had healthcare for my entire life because I've been working and I grew up in a middle class family. How does a man with a family without healthcare vote against it?!? I don't know. How do you deny your own children something that you are unable to provide when you're in an underemployed status?!? When you live in a trailer and you're your richest relative?!? I don't understand it. Why can't you see the rationality in cutting military spending when we pay more for our military than the next 20 nations put together? Why are there still troops in Germany when the war ended almost 70 years ago and the cold war is so far in our past that most can't see it? Why do we have 11 aircraft carriers when our biggest rival's only one isn't fit to sail?? I don't know, but it seems to me that we could seriously cut back on spending in this country and pay off our debt.

So why wouldn't we tax the rich to pay off our debts? Why would poor people see that as concerning? That doesn't even make sense. Speaking from a middle class perspective, I wouldn't mind an increase in my own taxes provided it went towards paying off our debt. If it weren't for the two wars and all those tax cuts over the last decade, we wouldn't be in the financial crisis we're in right now.

Talk radio takes advantage of the slow witted, not deep thinking types in the south.....not a big surprise there. Many of them are driven by hate, not politics. It is what it is.

Vargr said...


I lived in the UK in the past; I have visited North America and have been following and studying North American politics for quite some time. And let me tell you...The UK Tories are nothing like the US Republicans. That is like comparing a Chiuaua mellowed out with pot to a 100lb Dogo Argentinian on crack cocaine that has been trained to rip people's throat's out.

The whole political spectrum of Western Europe is well shifted to the Left when compared to the US.

Yes, every country here as the usual left-right two-party dog and pony show surrounded by third parties of little of no consequence.

But our European "Leftists" are not Democrats, they are card-carrying Marxists. And our "Rightists" aren't borderline fascist Neo-Cons and plutocrats, they are "light" Fabian Socialists who wink and nod at big money.

Romney and Ryan would gladly gut benefits and social security, and repeal Obamacare. It will be a cold day in hell when Tory UK Prime Minister David Cameron can roll back the NHS and State Benefits. That is not even part of their platform, they want to keep it as it is but "manage" it "better". Labour wants to expand the government's tit ad infinutum.

I call bullshit on the whole "uneducated" and "aspirational" line on why the "lower classes" that do not agree with you politically vote the way they do.

Let us cut to the chase here, most voters don't know jack about politics. They vote on whom they think will give them the most swag, or, vote out of tribalism and tradition.

Most people vote Dem/Rep (US), or Labor/Tory (UK), or PS/PSD (Portugal) or PP/PSOE (Spain) or
PS/UMP (France) or CDU/SPD (Germany, etc, etc NOT out of keen sense and understanding of politics or some ideological impulse; but because their daddy did so before them, or their community does so, or their teachers at university brainwashed them to.

The "stupid" argument, if valid, would apply to everyone across the political landscape. The notion that voters of a certain political force are more "intelligent" than others just because of their choice in politics is a laughable circular argument. To claim so just proves what I said about the weight of tribalism in politics. It's the intellectual equivalent of patting oneself in the back.

Ignorance can breed a lot of things, but so can knowledge and familiarity. There are a lot of folks out there who are angry, dislike certain races or are pissed with the opposite gender and have pretty good reasons to feel like that.

Do not assume negative feelings automatically mean those who harbor them and wrong or unjustified. There seems to be be little love here for Republicans, would that be due to simple ignorance and intolerance? Or to sound reasons?

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I am convinced Republicans are simply racists. And the rich ones didn't earn that money, they inherited it.

My coworker is a Republican and she is racist and demeaning as she could be. But of course she doesn't see it like that. Yet she is unable to have a world view outside of her own little world. But I'm ignorant with my 2 college degrees.....

Dirty Red said...


"Let us cut to the chase here, most voters don't know jack about politics. They vote on whom they think will give them the most swag, or, vote out of tribalism and tradition".

I think that your quote pretty much sums up American politics. Most Americans do not know Jack shit about the political process. Hell, I would bet that 90% of all voters do not know who the hell their Representative is. You gave me a lot to think about and research man. You brought up some valid arguments that I didn't even think about. And this is why I blog..This is how I learn...

I believe that the education system is dumbed down on design. People who are not educated are easily manipulated and controlled. That is how the powers that be keep their power. I didn't think that was the case in the UK since I have no idea what goes on in the UK besides what I see on BBC..but I guess it is the same in every country. The dumber the people the more control the government has.


Very good points. As you know I am in the military and I see waste on a daily basis. But I also see shit that is getting cut that has no need to be cut. But as long as my paycheck don't bounce every month let it do what it do.

Not every Republican is racist...But most Racists are Republican.

Brotha Wolf said...

I think the hate-mongering pundits like Rush Limbaugh and the Fox News soldiers are not dumb. They know exactly what they're going.

They are the spokespeople for the typical white person, especially the angry ones. They make their money off of that because that is what white people want to hear. Since they have and control most of this nation's wealth, it would make sense that they would cater to the white demographic which is mostly racist, sexist, homophobic and Islamophobic.

These millionaires play on white people's fears against "nonwhiteness". They profit from it because they know many whites will turn to them for information and comfort.

I don't think those overprivileged psychos are dumb. I do think they are crazy, crazy like a fox. Pun intended.

knight4444 said...

@brotha wolf it's about time you actually posted something that made sense!! I read your pathetic rants on other sights and typically you bore people with meaningless garbage! maybe there's hope for you're sorry ass after all.

Brotha Wolf said...


Do I know you? Why not come to my blog and tell me how pathetic I am there instead of someone else blog? That's just a thought.