Saturday, December 29, 2012

I quit this bytch!! Ya'll "African" Americans can have this shit!! I am turning in my Black card..Beginning Monday

There are some things that my cousins do that make me wanna apply for a White Visa.

Sometimes I just don't understand how in the 7th layer of Hell we can be so damn ignorant.
I don't understand why my people constantly go out of their way to make stereotypes about us true to life facts.

I don't get it. We need to do much better people!!

This one hit wonder just got a new reality show about all his babies mama's.

I had no fucking idea who the bloody hell this nigga Shawty Lo was until I was blog surfing and saw this ignorant shit.


And what kind of hood-rat ass bytch would agree to be in this shit?

I thought we had hit a new low with Flava of Love, That New York bitch, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and Basketball Wives.

But this coontastic shit?

Really Son? I mean seriously?

And here I was wondering why the media gives less than half a shit about some little Black kid getting shot while jumping rope in front of their stoop; but go ape shit when the same thing happens in their safe-havens .

This is why people!!  This is gat-damned why.

This is why our lives mean so little in this country. We don't value our own. We go out of our way to ensure that we will continue to be the worm that gets ate every morning. We glorify ignorance like being ignorant is that new hotness.

Why in the hot fuck would a WOMAN agree to this shit? Why in 3 hot fucks would a WOMAN want to be known as the 2nd let alone the 10th baby mama? And what kind of  person would shop this shit around like it's going to be the next America's Top Model? And what kind of Network would agree to air this shit?


I'll wait for an answer....

America will never take us seriously if we continue to behave in this manner.
We will  never be considered "real" Americans.
We will always have to have a label in front of American so that foreigners will be able to distinguish us from them.

This shit right here...and the fact that 500....(1,2,3,4----500!) murders were committed in Chicago...95% of them committed by ignorant motherfuckers that get "reality" shows like "All my Babies Mamas", is why pets will continue to get more love in this country than we do. 

Beat your damn kids people..  And then send their stank asses to school!!!!

If not... Then we might as well get ready for a generation of  Shawty Lo's and all their Babies mamas.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gods lil Angels died... Those other kids that were killed? Thier culture killed them

Let me start off by saying that I am not diminishing the deaths of those innocent, beautiful children up in Connecticut.

 I am not turning this into "race thing". Those kids that were killed by that loony tune do not deserve that. They need to be remembered for what they were..Beautiful..Innocent Children.They were taken from their family and loved ones by a bastard that was too cowardly to live to face up to his bullshit.

Having said that....

I have to stay real with what I believe... And this is not  meant for my white readers (if I have any) but  my Black readers.. If we don't value our lives and the lives of our children.. How in 7 bloody hells can we expect anybody else to? We have to do better son!

There have been mass killings by cowards with guns in every major city in every state in this country.

There have been other innocent beautiful children killed by the HUNDREDS in this country this year alone.

And until now, not one one serious word has been spoken about gun control. Our president has not attended funerals and wiped away faux tears in front of the cameras..He has not given a statement saying that "we cannot endure this any longer". Politicians were not on every major news station in the country getting in their politically correct soundbites. The senseless killings that have taken so many people from their loved ones too damn early this year and decades before...all by people with guns mind you...did not make the national news.

So what is the difference now? Why the uproar about gun control now? Why is Hollywood delaying movie premiers now?

I know why... At least this is my opinion anyway.

It's simple...

8 year old Jamal and Tyiseha getting killed in a botched drive-by by a bunch of drug dealing gang-bangers in front of a school in South Dallas is not as news worthy as 8 year old Dillon and Meagan getting killed in a school out in the suburbs by a " good guy"  with mental issues from a stable home.

See the difference?

See.. Jamal and Tyiseha were killed because of their "violent culture". That is what "they" do in those neighborhoods. "Those" neighborhoods are nothing but drug dens and Ho houses anyways.

But Dillon and Meagan? They were not supposed to die so young.. They came from a good home..went to a good school.  They had a bright future. How can this happen here?

Jamal and Tyiseha's killers were criminals that embrace the gang life and have no desire to live in a "civilized" society. They had every opportunity like everyone else to do right..but they chose to not get right.

Dillon and Meagan's killer was a "good guy" that was never in any trouble with the law. He had "minor" mental health issues and he must have been off his meds. They can't believe he did this. He was an "All-American" boy.  There was no indication that he was a damn fruit-cake.

Jamal and Tyiseha's killers are the prime reason why everyone needs to be armed. Kill them before they come into "our" neighborhoods and kill us.

Dillon and Meagan's cowardly ass killer? Shit... Guns don't kill people.. Black People Kill people.

This country is a nation of hypocrites. We value one life over another life simply because of skin color. This not only applies to the White people in this country... But Black people too. We see killings in our communities everyday and we go about our lives like this is what's hot.. Like this is how it is. And we act like nobody can talk about it. Let a White reporter mention anything about our failures as a community and the race card is thrown like a penalty flag at a football game. Like we don't want our dirty draws in the streets for the "others " to smell.

 But let Becky and Cody die senselessly? 60 miles from where we cross the street to avoid making eye contact with people? Shit.... we act like the world is going to end.

This is that bullshit.

And I am tired of it.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

On to the next one

Human Beings are a fucked up species.

We are the only species on the face of the Earth that gets pleasure out of killing each other. We are the only species on the face of the Earth that gets pleasure out of hurting each other. We take pride in denying basic rights to one another. We brag about how much we have and talk shit about people that don't have as much as we do. We say they are lazy..we call them useless..we say 'I got mine the old fashioned way..why can't you?'

Our entertainment is full of depraved killings and mindless crime. People die in video games,movies and music by the millions every year.

Our neighborhoods are full of criminals and thugs that are loved protected by the occupants in said neighborhoods.

We cheer the bad guy while chanting the mantra, "nice guys finish last".

We embrace cheaters and greedy tyrants in the business community. We try to "protect" them by making sure that they get the best defense by lawyers and judges. We "protect" their money and children as if they were our own children and as if thier money was our money.

We embrace crooked politicians and vote for the same crooks decade after decade, ensuring that they will continue to go about their lawless and selfish agenda.

If a person(s) in an "affluent christian"community dies by the hands of a so called "nice American" who was suffering from some kind of "mental illness" we throw fund raisers for the community and hold telethons and interview the family of the punk that did the killings.
But on the other hand....

If someone dies in the black or Hispanic side of town inner city...we make excuses like the killer came from a broken home...there was no father in the home..the mother was on was gang related...and this is what happens when not enough people have guns. "Those people are animals" that have no sense of decency.

Our answer to the gun problem in this "great" country of ours is not enforcing the laws we already would make too much sense..."guns don't kill people..people kill people."..we tell each other that if everybody had a gun there would be less gun violence.

Human Beings are a fucked up species.

The only species that are reliable and love unconditionally; without ever going against the humans that take care of it..or don't take care of it are.....


A dog is the only thing on this earth that can be entirely depended on to stand with you no matter what.

Human Beings.....not so much.

May God bless the family and friends of the victims of the Connecticut massacre. Because as sad as it is...once all the money and attention can be gleaned from this tragedy...Human beings will go about thier everyday lives as if nothing happened....

Until the next slaughter.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Vent Session

 This is a a little something that has been on my mind lately.. This shit really pisses me off.  I wasn't going to write about it..but I was reading the comments over at CNN's "Black in America" part 25 and some of the comments over there straight made me want to go get the jammy and flat blast some of my pale faced cousins. I think in a couple of days I will write about stereotypes in this great nation of ours and how some Black Americans go out of their way to make them seem true..but for now....

Why the hell are Black people the only group of people in America that has to have "leaders?"

Who the hell are the White leaders? What about the Hispanic leaders? The Asian leaders? Or the Native American leaders?

Why the hell are we the only ones that need "leadership?"

And why in the hot ass Texas hell do all Black people get lumped into one category if one prominent Black person fucks up? Or if one Black politrickster says something, then ALL Black people are saying it?

Seriously Son?

Are we not capable of thinking for ourselves? Did God not give us minds to think on our own?


Let me see.......

When the politrikster got caught in the men's room in the Minnesota airport campaigning for dick a couple of years ago, did that set the White and Gay community back? Why was he not considered a leader?

Is Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck considered White leaders?  Are their views "White" views?
Is Sarah Palin the leader of the White Women's Coalition?

What about John Edwards? Is he considered a white leader? Does his hoeing around set White Politricks in South Carolina back decades?

What about our former President and Vice president? Does their actions throw White Politricks down the toilet? Do white people consider them leaders?

Why does every prominent person in the Black community get the tag of Black "Leader?" Why can't they just be who they are, whether that be Sports star, movie star, singer or politrickster or heaven forbid... A business leader?

Why does the world  America feel that  Black People are incapable of existing without someone to hold our fucking hands?

And to add insult to injury, why do we (Black People) feel that we need to be coddled and lead like a teenager being chaperoned to their first school dance?

Every Black person that has a little extra change in their pocket is not a "leader". Every Black Politician does not represent me or my views. Every Black person in this damn country does not think like I do. I do not need to be led around by a leash as if I was a damn puppy.

I am a leader in my own right, since I run a household and I try to lead the best life I can.
The whole notion of Black "leaders" is degrading to me. If I choose to go out and murder 10 people today, my actions does not reflect the whole Black American population.

This shit is insulting to my intelligence.

I think my next post might be about how White Women are all ditsy,violent, hoish alcoholics, because I read in a magazine how Lindsey Lohan spent her weekend.

Friday, December 7, 2012

You don't need all that money.. Go ahead and let me get all that.

I have a problem with celebrities writing books or having a talk show, radio show or any other type media outlet telling us "common, uneducated" people what we need to do in order to be successful like they are.

Why do they think that what was good for them will be good for everyone else? Sure we can use their experiences as a guide...but for them to preach to people about how they can make millions or have a happy marriage...a fulfilling family life...or a good career, if they just do like they did... is in my humble opinion.... that bullshit son.

Facts and examples...

Steve Harvy...

This nukka has made millions of dollars off his books telling simple minded ass women shit that they should have been taught as kids... by their FATHERS and MOTHERS...not by some dude that's whole motivation is  to sell a damn book that you are spending YOUR money on....Millions of women watch his talk show in hopes to find out how a mans mind works. They listen to his nationally syndicated radio show in hopes to gain a few nuggets on how to make their lives better.

Now I ain't mad at Brotha Stevie... I can't knock the dudes hustle. He is about to take over James Browns moniker as the hardest working man in show business. This dude has got his hands in damn near everything that is considered entertainment. And in some cases he can be considered a very good role model for anyone that is trying to make it in show business.


I heard some shit he said recently that had me shaking my head like..."really? this dude actually said this dumb shit?"

He said that a person should not have a backup or a contingency plan if his/her first plan goes down the proverbial toilet .

Now I must admit that he was right on one thing... You do not plan to fail. But...shit happens. and if you ain't prepared for when shit does happen..then in my "common, uneducated" opinion, you ARE planning to fail.

You do not walk into a room...any room... without  first looking for the exits just in case you have to exit stage left in a quick way.

You do not put all your resources into one project HOPING that you are going to be successful. That is the reason rich people do not invest their own money in projects that are not a sure thing. They get loans or donations from OTHER dumb ass people. Have you ever wondered why celebrities are always asking us to donate to their charities or their causes instead of putting their own money behind it? Or why politicians hold fund raisers?

Things that make you go hmmmm.

You do not put everything that you have into one thing..this includes people. You cannot put 100% trust in anyone or anything. You have to keep a little something for yourself just in case shit goes sideways on you.

Mr. Harvey has to know this. He did not make his money by not having a way out if a certain thing he was trying to do failed.

But I guarantee that THOUSANDS of simple minded ass people listened to his bullshit and  went and took all their money to the track and put everything they had on "Never Plan".. A horse running in the 4th race at the Aqueduct..and now they are getting evicted from their house because they listened to Steve Harvey and didn't have a backup plan.

Shit.. Maybe I should write a damn "how to" book. I have said this before in jest...but I just might do it.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Another I hate religion post

My Moms and I got into a heated discussion about religion this morning.

She is a devout Jehovah's Witness and me...well.... I am... lets just say that I'm not into any religion. As the regular lurkers followers of my blog can attest to.

See..she does not like the fact that I am back in the Army. She understood why I joined after highschool...She was very upset when I was sent off to Bosnia..She damn near died when I was sent to the desert...and she was doing cart wells in the street when I got out. Well now that I am back in, she is tripping again. I did not tell her I was going back in until after I had done it and she hasn't gotten over that yet. I have been back in 4 years now.

Well we started talking about the wars and whats going on in the world and she said that God does not like "unrighteous" wars.

I asked her to explain to me exactly what constitutes a "righteous" war.

She babbled on about how God only favors wars that are fought in his name.

So I told her that every war is fought in God's name. Christians and Muslims have been fighting each other in Gods name since... well ever since.

She told me that Muslims have no "real" God. She told me that Allah was a false prophet that Satan made up to confuse man.

I asked her what makes her God a "real" God. She babbled on in bullshit ass Bible? talk for about 10 minutes. Until I stopped her and told her (very respectfully of course) That what she was talking was that pure baby back bullshit.

I told her that War is wrong no matter whose name it is fought in, But sometimes War is necessary. I told her her that what she said about Islam constitutes as hate speech and that it goes against everything that Jesus told her in her Bible. I told her that in the Old Testament... (you know the part of the Bible that most Christians forget exists unless they are having a conversation about Gay people going to hell)....that God ordered the deaths of thousands of, women and children...for no other reason than he disagreed with how they were living. I told her (very respectfully of course) that all this was done in his name. I asked her if that were to happen today, (which according to the "rapture" believers is going to happen again...soon) if she would consider that  "righteous."

She told me I was taking "God's" word out of context and that he would make me pay for it.
Well that's when I cut it off and told her (very respectfully of course) that I was through talking about God and religion to her because it was like talking to a 3 year old child. She didn't like that..but when we hung up with each other, we both said our "I love you's..and I will talk to you in a couple of days."

This is why I cannot stand man-made religion. Everybody else  is wrong but you. Your way is the only and right way. Everybody else is just wrong ass wrong.

That is so fucking close minded and backwards to me.Even if the woman I was talking to gave birth to me and raised me to think how I think now.

Ignorance is Ignorance. Even if the person whose mouth it is coming out of is your mother.