Monday, December 3, 2012

Another I hate religion post

My Moms and I got into a heated discussion about religion this morning.

She is a devout Jehovah's Witness and me...well.... I am... lets just say that I'm not into any religion. As the regular lurkers followers of my blog can attest to.

See..she does not like the fact that I am back in the Army. She understood why I joined after highschool...She was very upset when I was sent off to Bosnia..She damn near died when I was sent to the desert...and she was doing cart wells in the street when I got out. Well now that I am back in, she is tripping again. I did not tell her I was going back in until after I had done it and she hasn't gotten over that yet. I have been back in 4 years now.

Well we started talking about the wars and whats going on in the world and she said that God does not like "unrighteous" wars.

I asked her to explain to me exactly what constitutes a "righteous" war.

She babbled on about how God only favors wars that are fought in his name.

So I told her that every war is fought in God's name. Christians and Muslims have been fighting each other in Gods name since... well ever since.

She told me that Muslims have no "real" God. She told me that Allah was a false prophet that Satan made up to confuse man.

I asked her what makes her God a "real" God. She babbled on in bullshit ass Bible? talk for about 10 minutes. Until I stopped her and told her (very respectfully of course) That what she was talking was that pure baby back bullshit.

I told her that War is wrong no matter whose name it is fought in, But sometimes War is necessary. I told her her that what she said about Islam constitutes as hate speech and that it goes against everything that Jesus told her in her Bible. I told her that in the Old Testament... (you know the part of the Bible that most Christians forget exists unless they are having a conversation about Gay people going to hell)....that God ordered the deaths of thousands of, women and children...for no other reason than he disagreed with how they were living. I told her (very respectfully of course) that all this was done in his name. I asked her if that were to happen today, (which according to the "rapture" believers is going to happen again...soon) if she would consider that  "righteous."

She told me I was taking "God's" word out of context and that he would make me pay for it.
Well that's when I cut it off and told her (very respectfully of course) that I was through talking about God and religion to her because it was like talking to a 3 year old child. She didn't like that..but when we hung up with each other, we both said our "I love you's..and I will talk to you in a couple of days."

This is why I cannot stand man-made religion. Everybody else  is wrong but you. Your way is the only and right way. Everybody else is just wrong ass wrong.

That is so fucking close minded and backwards to me.Even if the woman I was talking to gave birth to me and raised me to think how I think now.

Ignorance is Ignorance. Even if the person whose mouth it is coming out of is your mother.


Vargr said...

Oh boy, Jehovah's Witness? My condolences. Those ladies can be really hard-headed.

Now, about "righteous" and "unrighteous" wars, there is actually a well put-out Christian idea than clears the waters on that. But it is not a Biblical concept you will find on the Holy Book, rather it is a product of European Medieval theology.

It is slightly more complicated than this, but basically a war is considered Just or Righteous when:

a) All other alternatives to solve the problem have been tried and failed.

b) The cost, in human lives, suffering, destruction, etc of not intervening/taking up arms will be worse than if you do.

So technically a war can only truly be deemed "righteous" Post-Facto; when the guns come out you do not really know where it will end. There is always an element of risk.

Of course, this concept only applies to wars that you start or external conflicts you are pondering about intervening in. If you are invaded or victim of an attack then defense is always just and righteous.

Using this metric for the two conflicts you served in:

Bosnia I honestly can't say. I am too ignorant of what really happened there to gauge if American intervention was righteous.

Middle-East? About as far of righteous as it can get. The war was allegedly waged to avenge nearly 5,000 American victims and disarm a dictator of WMDs.

The tally? Well over 5,000 American dead over there, perhaps something like 1,000,000 natives dead, no WMDs found plus the countries invaded may actually have been the wrong ones.

In this case, intervening made things a hell of a lot worse than doing nothing.

Reggie said...

Your mom sounds kinda like my mom; except usually my mom is drinking gin on the other end of the line when she's talking religion with me.

Man cut your mom some lack, like I do mine.....I just try to ignore the slurring she's doing and say "yes ma'am" a lot.

Dirty Red said...

Man you always give me something to think about with your comments. I agree with everything you said. And yeah..."those ladies" can be very hard headed.. take it from a dude that is related to one of them.

I try.. But man shit.. It's hard to listen to bullshit..even if it coming from your Ma Dukes. But I am respectful.. I still cannot swear in front of my Moms.

Issa said...

The irony is...that so many of our folks today and previous generations die with these erroneous convictions. My personal point of reference for measuring truth, can be summed up in the following.

"As we attempt to analyze dialogue as a human phenomenon...we discover something which is the essence of dialogue itself.

The WORD. But the word is more than just an instrument which makes dialogue possible; accordingly, we must seek its constitutive elements.

Within the word we find two dimensions, reflection and action, in such radical interaction that if one is sacrificed... even in part... the other immediately suffers.

There is no true word that is not at the same time a praxis. Thus, to speak a true word is to transform the world.

An unauthentic word, one which is unable to transform reality, results when dichotomy is imposed upon its constitutive elements.

When a word is deprived of its dimensions of action, reflection automatically suffers as well...and the WORD is change to idle chatter, into verbalism, into an alienating blah.

It becomes an empty word, one which cannot denounce the world, for denunciation is impossible without commitment to transform...and there is no transformation without action.

On the other-hand, if action is emphasized exclusively, to the detriment of reflection...the word is converted into activism.

The latter for actions sake...negates the true praxis and makes dialogue impossible.

Either dichotomy, by creating unauthentic forms of existence, creates also unauthentic forms of thought, which reinforce the original dichotomy."
~Paulo Friere~

As long as Africans in America stay bound to the religious/cultural incubator of their former slave masters... the truth will never set them free.