Friday, December 7, 2012

You don't need all that money.. Go ahead and let me get all that.

I have a problem with celebrities writing books or having a talk show, radio show or any other type media outlet telling us "common, uneducated" people what we need to do in order to be successful like they are.

Why do they think that what was good for them will be good for everyone else? Sure we can use their experiences as a guide...but for them to preach to people about how they can make millions or have a happy marriage...a fulfilling family life...or a good career, if they just do like they did... is in my humble opinion.... that bullshit son.

Facts and examples...

Steve Harvy...

This nukka has made millions of dollars off his books telling simple minded ass women shit that they should have been taught as kids... by their FATHERS and MOTHERS...not by some dude that's whole motivation is  to sell a damn book that you are spending YOUR money on....Millions of women watch his talk show in hopes to find out how a mans mind works. They listen to his nationally syndicated radio show in hopes to gain a few nuggets on how to make their lives better.

Now I ain't mad at Brotha Stevie... I can't knock the dudes hustle. He is about to take over James Browns moniker as the hardest working man in show business. This dude has got his hands in damn near everything that is considered entertainment. And in some cases he can be considered a very good role model for anyone that is trying to make it in show business.


I heard some shit he said recently that had me shaking my head like..."really? this dude actually said this dumb shit?"

He said that a person should not have a backup or a contingency plan if his/her first plan goes down the proverbial toilet .

Now I must admit that he was right on one thing... You do not plan to fail. But...shit happens. and if you ain't prepared for when shit does happen..then in my "common, uneducated" opinion, you ARE planning to fail.

You do not walk into a room...any room... without  first looking for the exits just in case you have to exit stage left in a quick way.

You do not put all your resources into one project HOPING that you are going to be successful. That is the reason rich people do not invest their own money in projects that are not a sure thing. They get loans or donations from OTHER dumb ass people. Have you ever wondered why celebrities are always asking us to donate to their charities or their causes instead of putting their own money behind it? Or why politicians hold fund raisers?

Things that make you go hmmmm.

You do not put everything that you have into one thing..this includes people. You cannot put 100% trust in anyone or anything. You have to keep a little something for yourself just in case shit goes sideways on you.

Mr. Harvey has to know this. He did not make his money by not having a way out if a certain thing he was trying to do failed.

But I guarantee that THOUSANDS of simple minded ass people listened to his bullshit and  went and took all their money to the track and put everything they had on "Never Plan".. A horse running in the 4th race at the Aqueduct..and now they are getting evicted from their house because they listened to Steve Harvey and didn't have a backup plan.

Shit.. Maybe I should write a damn "how to" book. I have said this before in jest...but I just might do it.