Friday, January 11, 2013

A small list of things I really need answers to

There are a few things that have been on my mind and I need to talk about it.

1. I am sick and tired of people getting on FB with this "Obama's gonna take your guns" shit. When and where has he ever said that? Where are the facts and examples that the Feds are gonna kick in people's doors and confiscate their private property?  Show me please. I don't want to hear your opinion..I needs to see legitimate proof.

2. Barry Bonds not getting into the Baseball hall of fame is that bullshit. The man never failed a piss test and he was never caught. He has always denied juicing up and if I wasn't there when he had the needle around his left butt cheek...then I have to take his word for it. Besides...the Baseball hall of fame already has racists, drug addicts, wife beaters and alcoholics that got in on their accomplishments on the diamond. So what is the problem with Bonds joining that "morally" great group of American Heros?

3. Going back to # 1 for a minute... How in the Hottest layer of hell can a person post on FB about how a person  shot and killed another person that posed a threat to them and praise the shooter that took another human life..and then 2  posts later talk about how much they love Jesus? Isn't that kinda hypocritical? Isn't that serving 2 masters? Doesn't the good book say something about that?

4. Why are all the people that Obama chose to fill his cabinet old White men? There are no qualified Men/Women of color that can head the CIA, State Department, Treasury Department, Department of Defense or even the Boy Scouts? Really Mr. President? Not one? I wonder if Glenn Beck still thinks that this President has a problem with White people...

5. What the fuck is wrong with my Lakers?

6.Even though I am not a Washington Redskins fan....Am I the only one that thinks Shanahan needs to be fired for letting RGIII stay in that game when the dude could barely walk? Who the fuck is the coach and who the fuck is the player? This is just like your 5 year old son telling you that he ain't going to bed until he is good and ready. 'Fuck you Pops. I know what the hell I'm doing. SpongeBob needs me right now. You take your old ass to bed.. I'll be up in a minute.'
Really son? Seriously?

7.Am I the only Black person in Blackdom that is getting tired of hearing about how Katt Williams flipped out for the 50-11th time and got arrested for acting like a stupid grown little man? 

8. Am I the only 40 year old dude that is bobbing his head to 2 Chains?

9. Why won't Spike Lee shut the fuck up about Django? Why don't he stop hating on the fact that a White dude beat him to the idea about making a movie about a slave that goes through hell and highwater to get back the woman he loves? Seriously Spike? Ain't you the Nigga that made Jungle Fever, Malcolm X, Do The Right Thing and White Boys can't jump? Shut the fuck up already.

10.And finally... What the fuck is wrong with my Lakers?!


Reggie said...

I wish Obama would take their guns, but no it's not gonna happen. There isn't a need for anyone other than our military and security people to own a handgun or an automatic weapon. The average American citizen doesn't need that type of firepower. All they need is a shotgun or rifle to defend their home and hunt....that's it. It's because of these weapons that fire so many rounds that the body counts rise so quickly when these crazies go into public places and shoot people.

Maybe Obama should have borrowed Romney's binder full of women?!? Maybe Romney had a binder full of people of color too?!? Maybe Obama should have borrowed that as well?!?

Jerry Buss had an opportunity to pick up Phil Jackson....but he shit the bed and now all you Laker fans have to pay for it. That was pride fucking with him and he let it fuck all you guys too.

thementalplantation said...

I am glad spike lee will not shut up.I hope need to grows wise up. This is another instance of making black culture, black experience, the brutality of slavery into a jester.

You will never see anyone the holocaust into anything but a factual movie. There is no softness on that horror no making lite of it nor distortion (but they do seem to leave out the blacks that were also killed by hitler and his people as well.

Spike Lee sees the evil of this movie because it is evil but to need to grows it is harmless. No other race would tolerate so a horror being portrayed by anyone but them. And portrayed in accurately. No one but blacks take this sort of disrespect and say well it is just a movie.

Black people are the only people that don't get mad about anything disrespectful to them. Only a few here and their but majority. All there is no harm. But the rest of the world looking at someone downgrading their history and distorting to the world who will believe it wasn't as bad as they say.

Alieux (Daij) said...

Damn you covered all the bases. And I agree with every one of them.

Vargr said...

Ask and ye shall receive. Here's the answers from the token European white guy's angle. I can't answer the ones about sports and personalities as I am not familiar with either.

1 - Well of course Obama, or any other president, is not *personally* going to head out there and confiscate firearms. Folks are referring to what the politicos have said on the media and Senator Feinstein's bill to ban semi-auto guns which is about to be introduced. There is an effort afoot to try to do some civilian disarmament, that much is undeniable. Whether it will come down to actual confiscation of guns by Federal agents remains to be seen. The whole thing may well die in the Senate/Congress and the current hubbub about the issue will blow over, it has happened before.

3 - I haven't actually seen anyone praising the shooting of a home invader or assaulter and praise Jesus on the same post, but such a thing does not seem improbable. AFAIK the bible doesn't proscribe that being a Christian means being a pacifist or someone dedicated to saving the lives of aggressors. Good'ol Jesus himself did tell his followers to sell their cloaks and buy swords, and he physically beat the crap out of the moneylenders at the temple. So no, a Christian praising the death of a criminal during his criminal acts doesn't make him a hypocrite in my eyes.

4 - Because Obama is *owned* by white old men and he has to pay the piper once in a while to keep the guys that put him where he is happy. Every other president in recent times has gone through the same ritual.
You do not actually believe that the USA government (or any other Western government) appoints people based on personal merit and curriculum rather than cronyism and political favors, do you?
Oh, and about the "white old men", a term which immediately springs up images of geriatric Anglo-Saxons conniving in a smoke-filled room, look closer and you will find that in USA's case many of those are actually *Jewish* men. And if they are advancing the interests of any people with their political shenanigans it is theirs (the Chosen Ones) not yours or mine.

9 - I think you nailed this one. Spike Lee certainly has an ego and he must be pissed a white dude beat him to make a movie where a black guy get to "kill all the white people". If he wants to stick it to Tarantino he could shoot a movie about a white guy in the 1800's that goes axe-crazy and gets to "kill all the black people".
Or...we could ignore both of those Hollywood douchebags and stick to watching movies which are entertaining without resorting to people blowing each other away as their main thing.

Carl said...

8. I'm 41 and I love 2Chainz and Future!

Just_Zassie said...

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Dirty Red said...

I agree that no one needs an assault weapon or a clip that holds more than 15..but handguns? Naaa.. I ain't going that far son.
A binder full of the coloreds huh? Hmmm...That might have
And since I wrote this my Lakers have picked thier game up.. Hopefully it will stay up.

Exactly what, pray tell, was disrespectful about this movie? This was no soul plane. And in my opinion this movie did not "turn the brutality of slavery into a jester"


Well thank you.

Once again you put an extra emphasis on the points I was trying to make. But as for Jesus...Todays "CHRISTIANS" praise jesus out of one side of thier mouth and then wish death on people out of the other. That, son, to me is a damn hypocrite.


We will never get old huh man?

Just Zassie,
I will take your advice and check this guy out.