Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I shot the Sheriff....and all of his Deputies

This is my first post in this new year.

I wish that I could start it off on something good..but that is a pipe dream.

I want to write about the sudden change in some people's minds about gun control and what it took for the conversation to come this far.

There was a question on CNN about what is driving the Presidents push towards stiffer gun laws.

I know what is driving his push... I'll get to that in a minute..

First, let me say that we do not need more gun restrictions.
We need to enforce the laws we already have and fire politiricksters that dangle from the nutsack of the NRA. There is no reason that can be told me that explains why in the Holy Hell a person needs an assault style military weapon with magazines that can hold up to 40 or 50 rounds in their house. You cannot hunt with a weapon like that and more than likely you ain't using it for target practice. A weapon like that was meant for one thing and one thing only... to kill as many people as you can in the shortest and bloodiest way possible.
As far as people saying that the answer to the violent nature of Americans is to give everybody a gun...let me say this... I grew up in a neighborhood where EVERYBODY carried a gun..and when one of  those guns were drawn...all of those guns were drawn. More guns meant more people were shot. I experienced my first gun fight on the streets of my city way before I even thought about joining the Army and being sent to the Desert..twice..and Bosnia...twice.. I know of more "civilians" being killed by gun fire than I do of any of the soldiers I have served with on all FOUR of my deployments to hostile countries. So for all you gun freaks out there.. I guarantee that 95% of you have NEVER seen anyone get shot or even pulled a trigger..so you all can eat a bagful of chocolate flavored dicks.

Second, we need to stop victimizing the victims of gun violence. Now let me say that some people need to be shot. Everybody that gets shot is not some innocent bystander. But.... they are still victims. and we should show some kind of compassion for them.

Third, We need to stop making excuses for the people that choose to solve the simplest things that go wrong in their life with gun play.
 Jamaal was not a "good" kid that needed a  positive male role model in his life, if he decided to shoot into a crowd of people just because someone in that crowd "disrespected" him.
Aston was not suffering from some "mental" disorder if he decided to go into a crowded theater or mall or a school classroom and just start shooting people that had nothing to do with his not being strong enough to stand up to a bully.

Mild mannered Mr. Wesley was not a "caring" father and husband if he decides to kill his whole family and then himself just because he lost his job.

Not all people that do crazy shit have mental disorders. Some people are just straight damn crazy or worse... weak minded.

Finally let me voice my opinion on why the President and the country is so up in arms about gun control and forcing more needless and meaningless regulations (that will be totally ignored and eventually repelled when all this blows over) down our throats and spending  MILLIONS of my tax dollars conducting "studies" on why this is happening.

White kids were killed.

Plain and simple. Anymore questions?

I'll wait.......

Yeah I said it.

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