Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We are in trouble Son...Raise your damn boys to be men people!!

I'm back bytches!!!

I have been in up here in Washington for about 3 weeks now. So far.... so good. It does rain alot...and it is kinda chilly in the mornings..but so far it is ok. I'm going back to Dallas next week to pick up my family and settle things with my house, but as of now I have no complaints.

Except one...

What the hell are parents teaching  their kids these days?

These kids have no life skills what so ever. Not nan. Not a little bit. Not nothing.

I have a 19 year old Private that is under me that is married  to a 18 year old girl with a baby on the way. His wife is back in Florida, he has no drivers license; his wife has the car...he has no access to his money;his wife wires him money as he needs it.
He didn't know he had to pay a deposit for his electricity, his water or even his Direct TV service to be  connected. He told me he thought the shit should already be on for him. Instead of getting a house on or near post, he decided to move 20 miles away and he has no way of getting to and from work; and did I mention he got conned into signing a lease that on a Privates salary he cannot afford? He did all this shit before I got here, so now I have to clean it all up.

So instead of getting my shit straight so my own family can get here and just settle into a groove, I have be to the good Sgt and hold his hand. I spent the better part of last week going back and forth to his new landlord trying to get him out of his lease. I have had to talk to my First Sgt about getting him in the barracks until he can get a house on post. I have had to talk to his wife to try to get her to relinquish control of his money. And I have had to set him up for Drivers Ed, since he didn't think to take the shit in High School.

This shit is like having a grown ass son who is determined to live in my basement his entire life.

What the hell did his parents do for the past 19 damn years?

This is that bullshit son.

But oh well...
I knew the job was dangerous when I took it.


Reggie said...

Okay dad!!!

That's what being a Sgt is sometimes isn't it?!?

Thank you for serving my friend!!!

A Black Panther Forever said...

Brother Sergeant your prose of a duty was quite smiley faced. I was a sergeant in US Army 69-72 and can relate to the position of taking care of your men. Those days majority of the troops did not have the extra baggage of spouses and etc. Having a second stint in the army, I saw the transition of the caliber of troops, so I know its never enough time to satisfy your own issues and your troops'. Hang in there, I am glad there is someone willing to stand in the gap..oh yeah. I went to Ft Lewis, and pleaded to go back to Vietnam. That was the dreariest place. In two months I never saw the sun....oops, I don't want to depress you. People tell me you get used to it- the weather. Also there are more creature comforts now. In the 70s, we had no cell phones, videos, 24-7 stores, all day sports engagements, etc. Thank you for your service- it's a tough assignment.

Dirty Red said...


I guess..but this is that bullshit..and you know it.

Black Panther,

It ain't that bad. It was nice up there all last week. I am back in Dallas now packing up my house. And my unit is pretty chill..Well.. I'm only trying to keep the glass half full man.