Friday, April 5, 2013

You want more money? Why?

I saw some shit on MSNBC the other day that made me mad.
It seems that a whole bunch of fast food workers in NYC went on a "strike" the other day to protest their low wages.

They are demanding that the fast food giants pay them more money.

I have a problem with that.

1. Fast food is a low skill..anybody can do it job. It does not take a Doctorate degree to say "Welcome to blah blah.. May I take your order?" You get what you pay for.

2. Fast food should be a stepping stone for a kid in high school or college or a person that needs a job; like right now. A person should not strive to be a burger flipper for 30 years. Unless you are striving to own or manage the place.

3.No one is forcing these grown ass people to work in a low wage job. For YEARS...  They made that decision. If you are unsatisfied with what you are doing; then change what you are doing.

4. If you have worked for Joe Blows fast food for...say 5 years... and you only got promoted to fries last week..then, son, that says an awful lot about you.

5. If you know that the money you are making is not enough to provide for your needs, then that is on you to do something to improve your situation. It is not the "restaurants".. I use that term loosely...  responsibility to give you a raise if you do nothing to earn that raise.

No one owes any of us anything that we did not work to get. If I don't put the work in..then why should my place of employment reward me with more money?

This is the problem I have... This generation of people expect everything to just be handed to them. This is exactly the problem I have with my new private...the one in the post before this.. He thought that his lights and water and all that shit should be already on for him whenever he moves into his apartment. Just.. "OK..we have been waiting on you your highness. Just flip the switch Sir. It is our pleasure to light the darkness for you!"


This is that bullshit.

You are striking for what? Are you being mistreated? Are you in a union? You don't have enough money for that NBA 5K game? What?

Hell.. I worked at McDonald's, KFC, Wendy's and a few fly by night taco joints while I was in High School. And in all of them, before I left for bigger and greener pastures.. I had more responsibility with my job than I had whenever I started. I took it upon myself to learn all I could. I knew I would not be working there for long, I always knew that I was bigger than the Golden Arches..but while I was there I earned my money. And I was rewarded.

These kids today?


Alls I'm saying is..

I wish my son would.


Vargr said...

If the State was removed from the equation in these matters they would solve themselves pretty soon.

Worker should be free to organize (not I am not talking about "unions" here, that is a State-recognized and mandated "right") and boycott their labor to an employer, and the employer should be free to fire their arses collectively and hire himself a new workforce.

What would happen is *if* the workers are in fact being underpaid for their labor's worth and are providing sufficiently skilled work, and their increased salary demands are reasonable, it will means it would be a cost/time nightmare for the employer to replace them compared to just rising their wages.

OTOH if the workers are being paid fairly for their labor (even though they may feel its little), they are providing unskilled services which even a primate could be taught to do and are demanding what amounts to fortune is salaries to what the company can sustain...they'd be out they'd door pronto when they began "striking".

The State would only meddle in these matters in case of fraud, breach of contract or malfeasance.

Your new private sounds like something out of a comedy movie btw. It is surprising a modern professional army takes in folks who have such disconnect with real life.

Does he think ordnance and supplies just materialize at the base magically when someone signs a paper form too? :)

Reggie said...

Yeah I worked at McDonalds and Wendys too.

Boy those were some shit jobs.

The thing that I like about fast food is that the shit they sell us is some nasty assed fat laden slop and we eat it anyway. If you eat at a McDonalds or a Hardees, you really don't give a shit. You're not counting calories, you're going for some of that semi-satisfying high you'll feel while you're eating it. Because 5 minutes later you're gonna feel like shit.

Yeah if they want more money, then maybe they should strive to move up to shift manager or Target or Walmart....or they should just get a real job. It's not like they can't join the Army or become a police officer or a fireman.....or whatever. Maybe it's time they grew up and took the big people's job?!? I'm a Sales Supervisor and I have 20 year old sales reps that make more than $50,000.00 a year.

Dirty Red said...


"Worker should be free to organize (not I am not talking about "unions" here, that is a State-recognized and mandated "right") and boycott their labor to an employer, and the employer should be free to fire their arses collectively and hire himself a new workforce"

This pretty much sums it up right here. But... If you know that you ain't doing nothing to deserve a extra bump in pay..then shut the fuck what you normally do..the minimum..and stop expecting something from nothing. If you want to improve your situation..then improve your situation! Stop blaming other people for the fact that you are to damn lazy to do what it is you need to do to... to do what you want to do.

Yeah it was shit work..but like i said it should be temporary shit work. Working at Mcdonalds after the age of 25 should be illegal. Unless you really need a job..then it should be a damn stepping stone until you can do better.