Thursday, May 2, 2013

If a wolf howls in the city does it make a sound?

Here we go again.

There is a Mountain Dew commercial that has been pulled because the "race police" have deemed it too toxic for the public consumption.

Once again these idiots are crying wolf.

This commercial was supposed to be COMEDY. I doubt if the guy who thought up the commercial intended to degrade anyone. But there are some people that share the same skin pigment as me that will find racism in anything but the right thing.

Did I think that the commercial was racist?


Did I think it was funny?


What I thought was and in  my opinion what the race chasers should have thought was...' It is a damn shame that we as a race have degraded ourselves so much that other races can "parody" our behavior and pass it off as "comedy".

As long as I have been Black, certain Black people in this country have gone out of their way to make every negative stereotype about us true.

Stereotypes are based on some truth. And the truth is, there are people in the Black community that fit the description of the actors in that commercial. There are people in the Black community that are proud to fit that description.

So what is so racist about it?

Or is it just embarrassment?

Every Black person and the 1 White person that reads my thoughts all know of the failures we have been at policing ourselves and our communities. That is why we are the blunt of every negative joke.

Black people in this country, are in my opinion, some of the most lost individuals on the face of the earth.

We don't know if we want to be "Black", African or American.

We want to blame other races for our plight in this country instead of looking in the damn mirror.

Racism is not an excuse to not succeed.
Racism is not an excuse for our children killing each other in the name of streets that we don't own.
Racism is not an excuse for us having more disposable income as a "race" than some countries, but we still do not own the businesses in our own neighborhoods.
Racism is not an excuse for the prisons being full of young Black men in the prime of their lives.
Racism is not an excuse for our young boys being brought up with no real male role models.
Racism is not an excuse for not taking responsibility for our own  fucked up
behavior and actions.

This is a product of our doing. Maybe 60 years ago we could have laid the blame at our "enemies" feet..but in the current world? That dog ain't hunting son. I ain't saying that racism has been eradicated in this great country of ours...because we all know that that would be a damn lie. Alls I'm saying is that given the sacrifices made by people stronger than we could ever imagine and the advancements that have been afforded us...Racism is a damn weak ass excuse for the State of the Black Union in 2013.
If there is a wall in the way of your progress..break that motherfucker down, go around it or go over it.

So instead of crying and protesting a damn talking goat...maybe we need to peel away the layers of the proverbial onion and find out why the "goat" thought that shit would be funny in the first damn place.
And then work out a solution to that little problem.

Just a thought.


Vargr said...

I had to hunt that sucker down on YouTube...Jesus! Who the heck at the Pepsi corporation *that* would make people want to drink Mountain Dew? And why a goat? It seems like someone at the marketing department is going to work high on something.

I agree with Red. I don't find the is funny. In fact I think it's damn disturbing because of the goat and the woman freaking out. But going from there to claim it is racist or promotes violence against women, gimme a break!

But the media circus they're doing on account of it is the worse part. Stop press! Stupid, disturbing commercial with Black folks and a crazy White woman on it! Let's have a hissy fit and get our panties all twisted. Because this crap is what really matters...forget the wars, the collapsing economy and folks going mental and stabbing and shooting each other, *this* stuff right here is of paramount importance. That and gay marriage, don't forget gay marriage. And large caffeine soft drinks in New York.

Oh btw, I'm taking that title of "1 White person who reads Red's thoughts" for myself. ;)

Reggie said...


Next Friday my baby girl graduates from The University of South Carolina. At the end of the year my son will be graduating. I can't raise all the children of color.........but I'm proud about what I've done with mine.

There's always gonna be catfish. Some of us eat them, some of them get eaten.

It is what it is. I've yet to hear one Caucasian person say they were ashamed at what the poor white trash did on television or down the street.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

As Jews say never again

Alieux (Daij) said...

I cosign with Reggie's response.

Vargr said...

"I've yet to hear one Caucasian person say they were ashamed at what the poor white trash did on television or down the street."

"White Trash"?

Tell me Reggie, are they "trash" because they are Poor or because they are White? Or are all poor people who don't have kids graduating from the USC automatically some from of ethnic trash? White trash, Black trash, Chicano trash, Asian trash, Eskimo Trash, Arab trash, Martian trash...?

Jesus Christ! Hey, maybe I should start tossing the N-word around once in awhile, since apparently racial slurs are kosher to use here now. Or is that only for Anti-White racial slurs? Precisely which ethnic groups are we allowed to drop hate terms on? I think folks could use some sort of guide.

And why should I, or any other White, feel ashamed, and confess such shame publicly, by what some other idiots do just because they have the same skin color I do?

I shake my head and despise folks when they deserve it, regardless of what people and culture they belong to. If they are part of my own I feel sadder due the a closer degree of proximity. I might even get concerned about blowback or the projection of a negative image which then gets associated with me just because I look like the idiots who pulled some stunt.

But feeling *ashamed* for something I personally had nothing to do with? wtf?