Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vent Session

There is a list of things that have been on my mind lately that I have not had time to write about.
well today is Sunday... I ain't doing nada but waiting to see the Spurs lose (hopefully) and drinking some Dewars here I am. This post will probably piss some people off; but two peas in a bucket...fuck it.

1. I am so sick of celebrities and sports stars and who ever the fuck else "coming out" and announcing their sexuality. Who gives a shit. What if everybody else felt the need to "come out"?
'Hi. for those of you that don't know me, my name is SSG DirtyRed. I am Staff Sergeant in the United States Army. I called this press conference today to clear up a few things. I am a heterosexual male. Yes folks.. I love Pussy. I have known I was a pussy hound since I was 13 or 14. There have been rumors for years about my sexuality, so today I decided to come clean. I am tired of the pretending and I apologize to my Gay friends for always coming up with an excuse as to why I cannot go whenever they ask me to frequent their usual "Gay haunts" with them'. 
See how ridiculous this is? STOP IT ALREADY!! Nobody cares who you choose to love. Some shit should stay in the closet. And the first thing that pops in my head that should stay between two people is if one or both of the people likes a dick in their booty or their mouth and they are in possession of their own dick.

2. How in the hell is Lauren Hill going to jail for a first offense and Lindsey Lohan's cracked out ass is still walking free?

3. Why the hell did Angelina Jolie get those beautiful two titties of hers cut off just because she THOUGHT she was gonna get cancer? What sense does that make? That's like me thinking I am going to fall and twist my ankle on my morning run. Am I going to stay home and get fat? Or maybe get a doctor to give me an unnecessary surgery? This whole announcement of hers smells like a publicity stunt to me.

4. Who believes that the President did not know that the IRS was investigating the Tea Party? How the hell could he not know? The IRS is investigating the very people that are constantly talking shit about him and he does not know about it? SERIOUSLY? Isn't the IRS a GOVERNMENT institution? Come on Mr. President. you need to do a better job of controlling the people that work for you. Or either you need to find out who the snitch is inside your organization. Because it is pretty obvious that somebody that is close to you does not like you too much. Just saying.

5. OK... The game is bought to come on....And speaking of the game... Why does the NBA just cut the bullshit and go ahead and give Miami the championship already? All this drawn out shit is getting old. I mean really... Who is going to beat them?

That is all.


Vargr said...

My answers:

1 - There are great kudos in "coming out" in our society today. Outing oneself as gay/bi (or passing off as one) means you now have a greater insulation from any criticism. The media loves this stuff because news cycles about it help keep the public's attention from really important issues.

2 - Because the two women in question were accused of wildly different crimes. One is a crack fiend the other is a tax evader. Mr. Government considers the later a much more severe transgression. After all, if you try to keep your money away from the clutches of Mr. Government...expect some jail time.

Of course, none of these facts prevented Miss Hill from blaming her jail sting on "slavery", which is just rank bullshit. She's in jail because she evaded taxes *and* doesn't have the connections to keep herself out of it.

She's a cute looking lass though. I think short hair looks good on most black women.

3 - Hollywood celebs are among the most unhinged, batshit-insane people on the planet. I have stopped analyzing their actions and choices a long time ago.

4 - I do not know which possibility scares me more. That a president, in full disregard of the law, uses the IRS to crack down on his political enemies, OR that the president is so inept and ignorant he doesn't even know what the institutions under his command are doing.
It's a loose-loose proposition.

5 - I don't follow sports, but it is my impression that championships must actually be played out before you hand over titles. If not, then we might as well hand out college degrees to people before they finish them too.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

LMAO but you are right on all points

Reggie said...

I can see you're clearly in a rage over here.

Hey I blog to get this stuff off my chest. I don't even fake it, that's why I call mine Reggie's Rantings.

Dirty Red said...

I still call bullshit on people "coming out". To me it is only a valadation of their behavior from people that think like them. It is like they have to be told 'man it's cool. we still love you.' It is like an ego stroke. And I call bullshit. But your other points on my points are spot on man.

Well thank you my brother.

Naaa.. I wasn't mad when I wrote this.. Just a little perturbed.