Monday, June 17, 2013

I am 40 years old..and these kids today make me feel every second of it.

"How many drinks will it take for you to leave with me? Girl I got money, but I ain't trying to waste time."

Just marinate on that for a minute.

I got a question....Is this what the young people are calling a pick up line now?

The above mentioned verse is the hook for a "R&B" song that I heard on the way to work this morning.

Seriously? This is the new hotness in the land of teens and twenty-somethings today?

Damn..I'm getting old.

In my day, saying this to a female in the club would have gotten me slapped and embarrassed in front of my guys.

Hell...this line would get me slapped and embarrassed today if I choose to go up to a female and spit this bullshit.

What happened to...."Hi. How are you doing this evening. My name is Dirty Red. I was noticing how you are dancing in place to this song. Yeah.. It is the jam. Would you do me the honor of allowing me a dance?"

Or.."Hello. How are you doing tonight? Do you like this song playing now? Would you have any objection with joining me on the dance floor while the DJ is spinning it?

Or even this..." Hi. Would you mind if I gave you a compliment? Well, I think you are a very nice looking woman and I noticed how you were swaying to this song right here and I was wondering if you would let a brother like me escort you to the dance floor so that we can groove to it together."

But this bullshit "How many drinks before you leave with me shit," Seriously?

Is this what we are teaching our young men? And our young this supposed to just make you gush all over with excitement? What kind of young lady that has any type pride about herself would fall for some bullshit like that?

These cats these days have no clue how to talk to a woman. Everything is bitch this..Hoe this..Give me that pussy...Pop this Molly..Drink this..

Its nauseating. What's even worse is that the young women of today are allowing it.

There are no rules in this generation of young people. I am pretty sure my Parents and Grandparents said the same thing about our generation...but today?

We are in trouble son .


Reggie said...

C'mon man, you know today's music sucks.

There is no imagination to it whatsoever. I never thought I'd see the day come when I became my father.....I think that actually offically happened last week.

I don't get it....just like a neutered dog, I just don't get it.

Dirty Red said...

Yeah I hear ya Reggie.. I think my transfomation into my Pops started the day I turned 30. I believe I am a carbon copy of the old man now.