Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The only thing rich people fear, is being turned into poor people

I was asked today what I feel about this "controversy" surrounding Paula Deen.

I replied that I could give a shit about her and her "controversy". I replied that this did not surprise me at all. I did not support her before her little "slip" of the tongue and I don't plan on supporting her now. I don't see how anybody would. This woman has made millions selling "comfort" food....IE... food with high calories, high cholesterol levels, high sugar content and everything else that is killing off Americans by the thousands every year..especially Black and poor Americans. And she has admitted  to having type 2 diabetes her damn self...probably from eating her own shit; So no.. I have never supported her.

It just surprises me that people are surprised by her choice of words when she didn't think the cameras were rolling. She is an OLD.... SOUTHERN..... WHITE..... Woman. She grew up around people that threw the word Nigger around like a Frisbee. That's what she knows. That's who she is. That's what the people that are in her circle do. So what did people expect? Is she a racist? I don't know. But it damn sho looks like that any  person that looks like me would not get invited to Thanksgiving at her house unless I was doing the serving, the coat checking or if I was parking her real invited
guests Maybach's.

But it is her American right to call a nigger a nigger if she wants to. She is protected by the sacred constitution to do so. The constitution does not say that freedom of speech only applies if what you say does not offend anyone. So let her put her foot in her mouth. It is her God giving right. Now having said that..I have to say this...

Don't support her dumb ass. Don't watch her shows..don't buy her cookbooks..don't go to her restaurants...don't give her any of your little jigaboo money.

That is our right as Americans. We don't need to march and protest and hold Internet polls.

Just... don't... support... her.

Hit her in her pocket. That is the only thing rich people understand. Money.

So don't be surprised that another "respected" asshole in our Country let out their little secret. There will be another one next week....Just be glad that they finally decided to cut their lawn so the snakes can be seen.


Reggie said...

I wish that I could say that I'm surprised by the hateful words that came out of this woman's mouth. But the reality is that I am a man of color that has lived in this country for almost five decades. I was born in the west, I've lived in the north and now I live on the south east coast. Although I don't use the word she used....and I won't, I'm not a stranger to the word since it's been used towards me and people with me many times.

I'm not an advocate of anyone using the word, regardless of race.

But am I surprised that Paula appparently throws the word around like a frisbee?!? No.

I agree, it's her right to use the word if she chooses to, our constitution guarantees a right to free speech. If that's how she feels when she sees me, I for one like to know.

I absolutely agree with you where the monetary thing is concerned. I won't spend my dime with her EVER again; and I've actually made it a point to go to one of her restaurants in the past.

Once again, I don't use the word because I choose not to. I won't call it "the n-word" though, that sounds silly to me.

The reality is that Paula Deen and people like her would like to harken back to days of old in this country. And yes, there are a lot of southern.....and northern and western and eastern Caucasians that feel the same way she does. They want to return to "simpler" times when they could be free and open with their bigotry, without repercussions.

Recently I had a conversation with an older Caucasian woman that I work with that is just like Paula Deen. She likes to think she hides it, but her bigotry is crystal clear to me. Anyway she was saying that although she was surprised to hear that Paula Deen would use the word (at this point I rolled my eyes at her and Paula); she says that all black people use the word constantly. Then she said if black people can use the word, why can't anyone else?

So at that point I asked her..."Have you ever heard me use the word?" She said no.

So I then asked her..."Why do you need to be able to use the word?"


It is what it is. In this country, the racism train is never late.

Dirty Red said...

I have tried in the past to leave my derogatory ways behind me..and I have gotten better at it. But I still find my self using the word..I won't say it here out of respect to your views since I am "talking" to you right now...I understand your views. My wife tells me all the time I need to grow the hell up..lol..but I am a work in progress. But I just saw glimpses of this woman crying on TV during an interview.."I am not a racist! I did'nt know the word was derogatory towards colored people. I hear the workers in my kitchen using that word all the time. How was I to know? It is all very confusing to me." Really bitch? Seriously? Reggie..please share your viewpoint on this for me..Does this woman think we are stupid?

Vargr said...

A white woman being vilified, demonized and economically punished in the 21st century because she dared use a word that cultural marxism has decreed can't be uttered by people of her specific ethnicity?


Next on the News...bears still do indeed crap in the woods and the new Pope is a catholic.

This blogger has the right attitude about this whole dog-and-pony show: http://glaivester.blogspot.pt/2013/06/nigger.html

Reggie said...

Perhaps Ms. Deen just hasn't realized yet that we're all not susceptible to Jedi Mind tricks and old ladies tears.....or both?!?

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

If it walks like a duck,quacks like a duck,well you know the the answer.
I have never cared for the woman personally,the first time I saw her a few years ago on the Food Network,her neck was screaming RED!

Vargr said...

"Does this woman think we are stupid?"

"Perhaps Ms. Deen just hasn't realized yet that we're all not susceptible to Jedi Mind tricks and old ladies tears.....or both?!?"

No guys, she's just following the script. You see, in our societies white though-criminals (and ONLY white though-criminals) are supposed to make acts of public contrition after they are accused, even if the act/apology/whatever makes no sense or is delivered in an odd manner.

I don't know why they abase themselves and do it though. It never prevents them from losing their jobs. If it were me I'd just say "F-you!" to the "offended" parties and resign myself out of my own accord. I'd refuse to participate in the modern equivalent of heretical witch-hunts.

Whites being fired and blacklisted for thought-crime is so comon these days it ain't even news anymore. I don't know why they keep reporting it. Now, when a white acts the way I described above next this crap happens, THAT will be news. Quite frankly, I don't think it will take long until it happens; except for "personalities" and brainwashed college kids most white people ain't giving a crap no more about accusations of "waaaacism!". They are awakening en masse to the fact they only call them "racists" because they are white.

"If it walks like a duck,quacks like a duck,well you know the the answer."

Spoken just like a true "racist" would. Welcome to the fold BigmacInPittsburgh.

"the first time I saw her a few years ago on the Food Network,her neck was screaming RED!"

Funny, now that you mention that I can't help but noticing on your profile picture your neck is screaming BLACK!

But the thing is, I really can't make any connection between neck colors and some higher significance. Would you care to enlighten us on that?

Dirty Red said...

I have told you before how much I admire your candid replies here and what not. But... I can not have you coming here and disrespecting my people the way you did with Big Mac.Watch your tone man. You can talk shit to me all day long because you know I will come back at ya with the same..and this is my shit right here...you should be responding to my thoughts anyway...not to other people that was just relaying thier opinions on my thoughts...but my people that come here..back off man.

Big Mac, I apologize for VAGR's comment directed towards you. That shit won't happen again.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

thanks red no apologies needed