Monday, June 3, 2013

You don't like me? And?

There is a Cheerios commercial out now that depicts an obviously mixed race beautiful little girl with a White mother. The little girl is inquiring about the health benefits of Cheerios for the sake of her father. I thought it was a very good commercial. But....

There was a lot of racist backlash concerning the commercial. It ranged from my reaction, that it was a cute commercial, to the mother would soon be a single parent if she wasn't already, since the father was obviously Black, to why is the mother white; whats wrong with a black woman playing that part...yada yada yada.

And this is supposed to a "post-racial" society..

Yeah...I'll wait on that.

Racism goes both ways. I know some racist ass Black people, racist ass White people, racist ass Mexican people, racist ass Asian people and recently I met some racist ass Native American people. So racism knows no color.

We are all biased in some way. I know I am. I see nothing wrong with anyone being proud of their heritage. If your heritage includes being a southern redneck, then you should not be ashamed of that. Same thing applies if you are a Northern "Yankee".  I would not have a problem if someone started a "White Entertainment Television" or started a magazine called " Ivory". I would not have a problem with a "White History" month.  I know why we (Black people)have all those things; since we were not included in anything (Black people)
back in the days...we were supposed to be seen cleaning, singing and dancing but nothing we had to show pride in ourselves by doing it ourselves, but I still would not have a problem if some White Person decides to start up something like that. Be proud of who you are. Wear that shit proudly son.

 My problem comes into play when you use your pride to degrade and dismiss others.
White people are not superior to me. No race of people is superior to me. I am not superior to any other race of people. We are all fucked up together.

But I am proud of being Black. I do gravitate to the "Black table", if I go out somewhere. I do relate better with people that look, talk and act like me.  I am very sensitive to things that I consider degrading to my culture and my people. I expect other people to do and feel the same. That does not make me a racist. It makes me HUMAN.

I will not lie and say I do not see color; because I do. Of course I do. But I don't let color stop me from seeing the HUMAN that is wrapped in that color. I do not like everybody and I don't try to appease everybody. I say what I mean and I don't make bullshit ass apologies if what I say offends anyone. Apologies are for things that were mistakes. If I mean what I say; there is no mistake. If I voice my opinion and it offends you...then you can count the fingers on a double hand amputee and that will tell you how many fucks I give.   But....

If what I say is taken the wrong way and it really hurts someone..then I will apologize and I will (try to)explain my position; because to hurt is not my intention.  But....

Sometimes it is my INTENTION to hurt someone..and if that is the case; refer to the last sentence of the paragraph one sentence above this one.

Racism will always exist. It is an ingrained HUMAN flaw. People will always find something about someone else to hate. That's just who we are. But the hated on cannot let others hatred of them stop them from achieving whatever it is they are trying to achieve. Racism is not an excuse to stop should be an excuse to let your nuts drop and fight back.

That is all.
This has been a Dirty Red Public Service Announcement.

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Reggie said...

The racism train in this country will never be late. That said, I'm proud to be both an American and a man of color!!!