Tuesday, July 9, 2013

His Skin was His only Sin

I really didn't want to talk about the Travon Martin case.

I really didn't.


 I can't stay silent anymore.

 I have caught snidbits of the trial here and there.
 I refuse to watch it 24/7 like the wifey is doing. I refuse to watch because to me this whole thing is a damn joke.
And it pisses me off.

 The prosecution never wanted this murder trial in the first place and from what I can tell, it shows. They are not even trying to do their jobs. They are not prepping their witnesses..They are not objecting to shit that they should object to and they are letting the defense just tear them apart.

 I don't like it..but I am not surprised.

 This boy's prior bad acts have nothing to do with him getting killed. His prior drug use has nothing to do with him getting killed. His getting suspended from school has nothing to do with him getting killed. His right to defend his self against a rogue wannabe flashlight cop is not what got him killed. As far as I can tell, he was living exactly how a teenager in today's world lives. He was rebellious...He thought he was invincible...He thought he was going to live forever.

He was not a criminal..He was not a "thug". He was a TEENAGER. Doing TEENAGE shit.

What got him killed is his SKIN.

His skin that was out of place in that neighborhood.
His skin that America thinks is an automatic reason to distrust someone.
His skin.
That is what got Travon Martin killed. He was killed by a punk bytch ass failure, that wanted to prove to the local fuzz that they should have never passed him over.

 So I am not surprised that the trial is going the way it is. I will not be mad or upset when this bytch walks out of the courthouse to the applause of his family, friends and his fellow Americans.
I am not surprised.
This is the "norm" for America.
This is what we do here in the land of the "free".

Black people in this country are Guilty until proven not so guilty.


Reggie said...

I haven't been watching the trial either. I never watch these types of trials, when everyone else seems to be totally fascinated by them.

I don't get the need to see the blow by blow, so to speak.

While the subject matter is disturbing, I'm just not moved to watch this whole spectacle.

Alieux (Daij) said...

I've had to avoid the tidbits I see. It makes me too anxious

Shady_Grady said...

All the people calling him a thug want sooooo badly to call him something else. But most of them won't do that in public, anyway.

jaki cool said...

I've watched small parts of the trail, that really doesn't matter, what matters is Trayvon is dead and Zimmerman is alive to keep on doing him. Zimmerman took Martins life because he was black (only) had it been a white boy he would have never even followed him or given him a second look. When is it a crime to walk down the street, If Martin did slap Zimmerman head on the concrete it was only because he Martin was trying hard to save his own life. Zimmerman had the Gun, he had the upper hand, if Zimmerman gets away with this, one day he will have a Son and if a Black man takes his sons life, the he will have reaped what he has sown, however he should reap it off his own life. He won't get away with it either way, if he walks someone will reach out and touch him, If he goes to Prison, they will reach out and touch him, if he hides, it will have to be for the rest of his life. So either way he is in Hell.

jaki cool said...

I agree, if it were o.k. with society they would call him one

Dirty Red said...

to all that graced me with a comment,
It pisses me off that I was right about this shit. And it pisses me off to read all the reactions on FB from White folks. But it doesn't surprise me. This is one case where I wish I was wrong.

84829942-3a88-11e0-83da-000bcdcb5194 said...

You stupid niggers need to go back to Africa! America is a WHITE MAN's country! Get the fuck out, niggers!

Trayvon Martin was just a criminal nigger who was trying to steal from people's houses and Zimmerman did the right thing by shooting that nigger dead.

-Signed, a white man

Reggie said...

Dirty Red your ignorant Anonymous friend came to my page as well; and of course, he said the same ignorant things on my blog.

What a coward!!! Wrapping himself in the Anonymous cloak in order to make his comment.

If he truly believed what he says he believes, then he'd come out in the open and do so.

Keyboard courage is something isn't it?!? He would be terrified to say something like that to either one of us face to face.

Donnell Harvey said...

Redd you really have a gift for writing with your talent and military experience an or observations on things black why aren't you a talking head you damn sure are articulate enough. Your thought process is cogent and logical. But no we have people like Jesse lee Peterson , Larry Elder and that fucker Allen West
That's it's from me I think you are one of the best keep doing what you are doing peace out. Oh almost forgot this is for anonymous white man FUCK YOU most of you wouldn't shit to a brotha if ya had a mouth full of it like most cowards you run in packs you coward fuck

Dirty Red said...

A White man,
Thank you for your comment. You have just shown me the value of a good education. I am sure that your kids (if you are old enough) by your sister are very proud of your intellect. You are the reason I blog my good man..

You know the Internets are where most of these trolls can come without fear of bodily harm. This would not have been said in a face to face setting.

Thank you man. I appreciate it. And as for "a white man"...ignorance is as ignorance does. There is no reason to even diginify this clown with any emotions. Fuck him, his sister/wife..his grandmother/mother and all his inbred trailer trash ass relatives. and keep it moving.