Sunday, July 21, 2013

Shit I just cannot stand

There are a only a few things in this world that really bother me.

1A. Anonymous comment's on blogs. (See "A White mans" comment on my previous post.) It's amazing to me how much people's nuts grow when they are in the comfort of their own safe environment.

1B. People not taking responsibility for their actions; if responsibility is needed to be taken. I.E. snitches. I cannot stand a snitch. Let me give you my definition of a "snitch". A snitch to me is some punk that does dirt with you..hangs with you and is complicit in everything you do. Then when the heat is on...he "dimes" you out to save his own sorry ass. That is a snitch. A snitch is not someone that reports a crime to the police. A crime that he witnessed and had nothing to do with. A crime that brought unnecessary hardship to someone else.

2. I cannot stand some Black people using discrimination as an excuse to not try. Anything. I cannot stand the way the media and people in the media use race as a divider. Not everything is racism.

3. I cannot stand to hear Black women say there are no "good Black Men". There are plenty of good Black men in this country. Hell..if I do say so are reading the words of one good  damned Black man. But there will never be any good Black men in some of these women's lives if they refuse to look in the mirror and ask themselves why they keep attracting the same kind of no good ass asshole.

4. I cannot stand to hear a Black man say that he does not want to have anything to do with a Black woman. I understand that at times Black women can be difficult to be with..but that is a problem that we made. I have nothing against Interracial relationships..get in where you fit in..but to write off  all of your own just because you had a problem with one..that is that bullshit.

5. I cannot stand people that are put into a leadership positions that abuse that position. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat their subordinates. This is one of the main problems I have with the damn Police. And politicians.

6. I cannot stand the Washington Foreskins.  RGIII be damned. That is all on that.

7. I cannot stand White people that try to say that Black people are more racist now. Really? If anyone has a right to be racist and hateful in this "Country of Freedom"..It is Black People. We have been given the short end of the stick(if we are even given a stick to begin with) since...well ever since. And by whom, may I ask? WHITE PEOPLE. And now that we have a voice and are calling people out..we are more racist now?  Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit.

8. I cannot stand Whiz Kaleefa and all the other bullshit ass bubblegum ass rappers that seem to fall out the sky these days.

9. I cannot stand today's R&B music. It's all "let me fuck you all the my Maybach..just let me fuck you..after we get these drinks and pop this Molly".. Straight baby back bullshit, son.

10. I cannot stand Black people that make excuses for Niggas. Being a Nigga is not part of our culture. We can all be niggas at some point during the day. Lord knows I can anyway. But when you see some Black person doing some coontastic niggerish shit that you know is some coonfabulous niggerish it what it is and stop acting like it is ok to be niggerish. That shit is not ok son. It just ain't.

This is my "Shit I just cannot stand" Post..

Hit me with a few of yours..


Brotha Wolf said...

All I can say for the most part is, I agree.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Ok turn off that television and pick up a book go talk to some old folks learn some real history another good post red

Dirty Red said...

Brotha Wolf,

Thanks man. I appreciate it.

Big Mac,
What you just said will solve 99%of the problems in our neighborhoods.

Alieux (Daij) said...

LOVE this list. especially #3 and #4

Reggie said...

Yeah........I feel you.