Sunday, September 20, 2015

I am not trying to be PC

I am so sick of all this PC shit. People act like we are all supposed to agree on everything. Nobody is suppose to have an opinion about anything anymore. Me personally....I gives a good damn about being PC.

1. The boy that took the homemade clock to school. What the hell was his parents thinking? This is America. The most suspicious and most hated nationality and religion in this country is Islam. Muslims are known the world over for blowing up shit. His parents know this. He is old enough to know this. They should also know how paranoid Americans are when it comes to Islam. So why in the hell would this boys parents agree with sending their child to school with something that even remotely resembles a bomb? And then be surprised with the reaction they got? Really? Of course it was all blown out of proportion. Once the Teacher saw what the clock was, she should have squashed it. But this being America...."if you see something....say something." It's always better to err on the side of caution.

2. Donald Trump is under no obligation to defend the President against whack jobs that call the President out of his name. Why should he have said anything when that idiot at his rally called the President a closet Muslim? Donald Trump is just as much an idiot as that clown that spoke his mind. We all know what kind of people Trump attracts. People that "want to make America great again". But this is still a free country. People should not have to worry about offending anyone. And the last time I checked... The President is a grown ass man. If he has a problem with Trump supporters, he can speak up for himself.

3. I am sick and tired of hearing about Black Lives matter. Really? Why do Black Lives matter only when a White person kills a Black person? I have never met a a White Crip or Blood. I have never met a White Folk. I have never met a White GD. I have only seen a few White Dudes in the hood slanging rocks. Black Lives don't seem to matter when Black men abandon their kids. Black Lives don't seem to matter when it comes to educating our children. Black lives don't matter to Black People, so why should they matter to anyone else? Miss me with that whole bullshit ass movement.

4. I really do not understand why American Blacks are Christians. What has Christianity ever did for us? We pray, we march and we forgive. We pray, we march and we forgive. We pray, we march and we forgive....blah..blah..blah...And we are still the most hated ethnic group in the world. For no good reason.This was the religion of the people that enslaved us and we embrace it. Ancient Africans knew nothing about Christianity. And yet and still here we are praying to a White God and a White savior to be accepted into a White heaven.
American Blacks are the biggest victims of Stockholm Syndrome in the history of the world. Love your oppressor because the oppressors God commands you to.

5. The Clinton's are not friends to the African American Community. Democrats do not give half a shit about the African American Community.

Yeah. I just said all this.

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Nobody you know said...

Thank you!..No I'm not black,but I am Native American. It's time for the b.s. to stop and for people to start taking responsibility for their actions. I know it's much easier to place the blame on everything and everyone else but let's keep it real.. Nobody's making anybody go out and commit a crime no matter what you went through when you were 5. Guess what, I grew up in a very abusive home and I didn't grow up to become an abusive person. So yea..Umm.No..I refuse to accept that lame ass excuse. Grow up and be a solution NOT another damn problem..just sayin